Peek Inside a Great Teaching Tool


“Swing to the left ~ Swing to the right ~ the Rockin’-Rollin’ Alphabet is OUT OF SIGHT!”

The ROCKIN’-ROLLIN’ ALPHABET sets the stage for foundational skills in reading and delivers a great teaching tool for educational and homeschooling settings.

31 Phonetically Engaging Poems,
Original, Whimsical Teddy Bear Illustrations,
500 Word Vocabulary List,
Science & Social Studies Topic Starters
Piano Sheet Music, Lyrics & CD,
and a Jazzy Musical Theme Song!

The mixture highlights VOWELS, CONSONANTS, and MAGIC “E” ~ joyful ingredients for reading success! The playful teddy Bears are the frosting on the cake…it’s a Teddy Bear extravaganza!

“Music is the connector ~ the artistic sweetness that glues information to the brain and soul.”

It’s primal and a positive force that breaks down negative barriers to ignite positive learning environments for kids…”they get-it!”

So let the learning begin! Our charge as educators is to inspire kids to reach their highest potential and achieve great success; music makes that happen! Kids can take ownership of their work ~ Invite children to recite, sing, dance, share and enjoy the alphabet from A to Z! Rhythm and Rhyme become the vehicle for reading and expression.

The Theme Song ~ a jazzy, rock-n-roll, big-band rendition, is the connector for the book. Created in collaboration with Lynn’s son, Ned J. Rosenblatt, Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, the instrumental arrangement becomes a mother’s dream fulfilled and a musical presentation waiting in the wings! . . . a spark of musical energy for kids everywhere to inspire learning!…they will even learn to sing the alphabet BACKWARDS! 🙂

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ABC Bears

Meet the Bears!