MONARCHS and MAN Journey for Peace

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MONARCHS and MAN – Journey for Peace is an animated, musical educational video ~ a plea for habitat awareness! WATCH and SING ALONG as a fluttering monarch travels a symbolic journey of hope!

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Protect the Monarch Habitat! “One Big World for All of Us to Share!”

“You should take this song on the road ~ all over the country!” —CT State Official

Monarchs and Man - Journey for Peace, a please for habitat awareness for Monarch Butterflies

MONARCHS and MAN ~ Journey for Peace is a plea for habitat awareness as a fluttering monarch travels a symbolic journey of hope! The goal is continued awareness for conservation efforts protecting fragile habitats ~ the future of the monarchs is in our hands!

MONARCHS and MAN ~ Journey for Peace made its animated video debut at the 2016 Grand Opening of the MURAMID MURAL MUSEUM & Art Center honoring the life work of Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis, creators of the ART MILES MURALS PROJECT and recognized as artistic, international humanitarians by the United Nations. The video is set to the music and lyrics of ONE BIG WORLD ~ Anthem for Peace written in 1992 by author and illustrator Lynn Rosenblatt. Through the years, the verse has carried a poignant musical verse for global peace ~ a constant dual message to this day… Peace for Man and Protection for the Monarch Habitat… “One Big World for All of Us to Share!”

Enchanted by the beauty and mystique of monarch butterflies, yet troubled by turmoil in the world, the musical score was submitted for performance and selected for the universal venue for peace ~ the 1995 SPECIAL OLYMPIC WORLD GAMES. The song’s triumphant orchestration, arranged by Ned J. Rosenblatt, was chosen for the Commemorative Olympic Video. In 1996, ONE BIG WORLD “Musical Messenger for Peace” became the Theme Song for the 1996 CARING FOR OUR PLANET EXPO at Eastern CT State University. Since that time, rising turmoil in the world has continued and sadly, logging, urbanization and pesticides have devastated the monarch’s populations. Driven by her love of Nature, Lynn wrote MONARCH MAGIC~Butterfly Activities & Nature Discoveries ~ dedicated to Preserving and Protecting the Habitat of the Magnificent Monarch Butterfly. It has become a nationally recognized educational resource for monarch butterflies.

The Monarchs … and the Bees … will thank you for caring!