One Big World: Anthem for Peace


The empowering music of ONE BIG WORLD Anthem for Peace is a plea for world peace. This patriotic song was performed live at the Special Olympics World Games and the Caring for Our Planet EXPO. It fosters love, empathy, unity, acceptance of diversity, and protection of the environment.


Written in 1992, ONE BIG WORLD has been chosen as the music background for the 2016 WHC-TV ACCESS TELEVISION Documentary ~ Global War On Terror “WALL OF REMEMBRANCE” ~ traveling the Unites States of America. The song was performed live at the Special Olympics World Games in 1995. It went on to become the Theme Song for the 1996 Caring for Our Planet EXPO at Eastern Connecticut State University and performed in 2003 at the Connecticut State Capitol honoring Men and Women of the Armed Forces. Quoted by the audience of Connecticut State Officials to the children in our chorus,
“You should take this song on the road, all over the country! ONE BIG WORLD is featured on the ART MILES MURAL PROJECT ~ MILES of MUSIC Soundtrack.

In 1995, the Special Olympic World Games Committee selected ONE BIG WORLD to be performed at Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT. At the close of the Games, WFSB Channel 3, Hartford, CT created a Special Olympic World Games VIDEO. The orchestration of ONE BIG WORLD, arranged by Lynn’s son Ned J. Rosenblatt, was selected for background music on the VIDEO. Thrilled and honored, this collaboration of mother and son was quite unique. Ned Rosenblatt is currently an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. His gift for “reading his mother’s heart and vision for the song,” captured the power and sensitivity of her verse.

Lynn’s vision for her song was designed for a procession of International Flags. In the foreground she envisioned a chorus of children singing the message of peace and harmony to people from every corner of the planet ~ words of peace ~ words of love ~ words of acceptance of diversity in the world…even more poignant TODAY in our fragile world!!

Today the verse continues to speak the universal language of love as a plea to the world for peace. It was her dream to have youth sing this song in the spirit of joy and compassion. Children need to feel the power of empathy, love and hope. It is hopeful that ONE BIG WORLD will bring that sense of unity, acceptance of diversity, and honor to traditions celebrated here in the United States and around the world.


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