ROCKIN’~ROLLIN’ ALPHABET is a teddy bear extravaganza!

MONARCH MAGIC! is a butterfly extravaganza!

Ted D’Bear, a teaching bear, and his merry friends take you on a magical adventure through the alphabet.

Great for the educational market and homeschooling settings, the ROCKIN’~ROLLIN’ ALPHABET was designed as a teaching tool for early and primary readers. The target audience is young children learning how to read ~ ages 4 to 8.   It is our charge as parents and educators to create environments for learning that foster success. Good teaching practice should engage a child’s visual and auditory learning style!! Thus the book is designed as follows…

VOWELS and CONSONANTS highlight visual letter recognition from A to Z! The Teddy bears captivate, the 31 poems set the rhythm for right-brain learning, the sing-a-long, jazzy theme song “locks it all in,” and 500 vocabulary words provide hours of practice. Take it farther to embrace the Arts, and a stage presentation is waiting in the wings! Parents and teachers can utilize the whimsical alphabet scenarios of the teddy bears to encourage discussion topics for science and social studies. This leads children to investigate and further develop thinking skills. They will read, discuss, sing, dance, and experience the ALPHABET again and again – and always SMILE!

On a personal note ~ this book is a glimpse back in time to family photos and childhood memories; a revival of humor, seesaws, Mother’s make-up, ice cream sundaes, daydreaming, pogo sticks, Black Beauty, The Little Ballerina, and wishes on shooting stars. My Dad always said ~ “Aim high and reach for the stars!” My devoted family and caring friends were MY “teacher bears,” thus Ted D’Bear became my venue for writing ~ yes, we are one in the same! I sincerely hope the poems of my book serve as a base for enhancing reading skills, engage kids in word recognition and letter sounds, encourage discussion of a wide range of topics, make children giggle and laugh, and surround the hearts of every reader with kindness and love. I was blessed with a strong foundation for life, wonderful parents, and a loving sister. My children are the sparkle of my life! It is my fervent wish to give back to my children and students the same inspiration that was given to me! Classroom tested, the poems become enriching tools to enhanced reading skills!

Apes, Apples, BIG (and small), Cactus, Doors, Good Things to EAT, EXERCISE, Fish, Guitars, Horses, Ice Cream (Yum!), IMAGINATION, Jack-in-the-Box, Kangaroos, Lions, Mirrors & Make-up, Nests, Oceans, Octopus, Painting, Queens, Reading Stories, See-Saws, Teddy Bears, The Universe, Umbrellas, Valentine’s Day, ? WONDER ? X-ray, and Zebra


“Ageless . . . enticing readers of all ages!”

MONARCH MAGIC ~ Butterfly Activities & Nature Discovery is a one-of-a-kind children’s book, dedicated to preserving the habitat of the magnificent monarch butterfly. The span of the text covers the monarch’s life cycle, preservation of milkweed habitat, resource contacts for teachers, children, and monarch enthusiasts, the incredible 3000-mile migration, raise/release of monarch butterflies, butterfly gardening for “waystations” and exciting crafts for kids. This uniquely designed book is an outstanding tool for children, parents and teachers. It glorifies the beauty of the monarch butterfly through outstanding full-color photographs and appropriately detailed visual guides, and educational activities. The book has received accolades of praise.

“No book offers the same wealth of related activities.” —Foreword Magazine

MONARCH MAGIC has been critiqued for its scientific content and inspired by Dr. Lincoln Brower, the country’s most well-known authority on monarch butterflies and habitat preservation, featured in Life Magazine. Monarch Magic’s resource contact information and educational impact across the United States has remained a constant; most poignantly, as we face the loss of habitat from drought and pesticide usage. The photographs in the book have been compared to those appearing in several wildlife magazines.

“I designed this book to have purpose and focus. My dream is to generate publicity for the “Save the Monarch’s Habitat!” Campaign…a vision that needs to generate Garden WAYSTATIONS for monarchs and becomes a National Environmental Campaign for kids in their schools and backyards!” —Lynn Rosenblatt

Monarch Magic is proud to be an education resource for MONARCH WATCH (www.monarchwatch.org), an organization dedicated to Education, Conservation and Research centered at the University of Kansas Entomology Department. Through this organization, children and teachers can easily access detailed information and share the dynamics of this environmental cause through the Internet!

“On a sunny, peaceful, Sunday morning, I went out at 6:00 A.M. to take more pictures and when I arrived at the field…the field had been leveled by a bulldozer the day before! It is now the site of a condominium…I am so thankful for the pictures I had previously taken!!!! I felt the “void” being experienced by monarchs today!” —Lynn Rosenblatt


Tony Viehmann, Author, Tiger: The Monarch Butterfly Who Couldn’t Fly Monarch Magic was my primary source of factual information when writing about my relationship with a wounded butterfly who landed in my yard in Maine.

Monarch Magic is a down to earth, beautifully illustrated, practical, and comprehensive look at the magnificent Monarch butterfly. Lynn Rosenblatt’s book appeals to adults seeking to learn about monarchs even though it is written primarily for children. She has done a masterful job helping us understand and appreciate these delicate creatures that now need our protection more than ever.

Education Resource Coast to Coast! Anyone who opens its covers…children, teachers, parents… agrees that award winning MONARCH MAGIC is one of the best resources for Monarch Butterfly enthusiasts. The full color photographs are outstanding. The text was originally reviewed by the honored Dr. Lincoln Brower, the country’s most well-known authority on monarch butterflies and habitat preservation. I highly recommend MONARCH MAGIC for classrooms everywhere! My students LOVE it!

Very Informative! Love the projects! I really enjoy this book. We get the book out each Summer so that we can remember details about Monarchs that we may have forgotten. Grandparents find it very exciting to LEARN about Monarchs from the grand kids. Each year we try a new experiment or project from the book and all of my children love to learn something new each year. We raise Monarchs from egg to butterfly and when we see Monarchs flying the kids always wonder if it is one of ours 🙂

This is a BEST BUY! K -12 Teacher I am an educator. Speaking professionally, this is a book both the child and parent cannot put down. The pictures are amazing and the projects are extremely well conceived and easily accomplished at home or in the classroom. The history and explanations provided are extremely comprehensive, yet very easy to understand. I highly recommend this book to students, parents, and teachers.

Educator’s Dream! My Kindergarten son brought this book home from his school library and I groaned at the prospect of reading yet another ‘chapter book’ aloud to him. Instead, I was drawn into the beautiful photographs, the info and the great craft ideas. I am purchasing my own copy to keep in my classroom and am looking forward to sharing this beautiful book with my students.

Terrific Book for second graders! My second grade students loved this book! They were thrilled to have an autographed copy. The activities were age appropriate and fun follow up activities to support our study of the Monarch’s lifecycle. We took photos of our butterflies and the kids thought that we should submit them so Lynn Rosenblatt could have them for her next book. Thanks for the great resource.

A Beauty of a Book! I work for our local school district in special education and have found this book an invaluable resource for the study of the Monarch. The photographs, illustrations and text appeal to all ages, children as well as adults. Our local library has a copy that is in use throughout the year.

Outstanding Photographs – wonderful for all ages! “Kids and adults will LOVE this book. It is selling like hot cakes in schools and bookstores across Connecticut. The hands-on crafts are wonderful! The colorful, vivid photographs are extraordinary as they summarize the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Migration, milkweed preservation, butterfly gardening, varieties of nationwide milkweed and the protection of the monarch habitat are glorified in this exciting book! Best of all, kids can connect on the Internet to learn more about monarchs. Check out these web sites!

“Butterfly Guru” Excellent for my class! The book was an excellent addition to my Monarch library. I raise Monarchs in the summer and when school starts, I bring them to my class. We keep them in an enclosure that I built for part of the day and then release them.

Wonderful Resource! Early Childhood Monarch Magic has served my early childhood classroom well! The pictures to be very captivating for the young learners, the crafts are great and easily adaptable for young children. I highly recommend this book to educators, the students instantly became interested in nature and excited to find and learn more about monarchs.

THE BEST! I have been photographing a Monarch metamorphosis and looking at many books ~ this one is by far the best!

Great Gift Idea – Lake Worth Snow Bird I met the author recently and was so impressed with her knowledge of Monarch Butterflies. I immediately thought of three young children (ages 5-11)that would enjoy this book. Not only was the content understandable, but the lovely pictures and the suggested projects that they can work on were just wonderful. If anyone is looking for a book that is not only enjoyable, but it is also a great project type for school age children. In fact, after reading the book, I realized how little I knew about the Monarch butterflies.

Grand Rapids – Monarch Farm – Wonderful Book! My family and I started a Monarch Farm this summer and this book is so full of fantastic information, we will do even better next year! This book is educational and fun to read, full of fun projects, and I highly recommend it to everyone, no matter what your age!

Rockin’-Rollin’ Alphabet – BOOK

Whimsical Teddy Bear Illustrations
500 Vocabulary Words
31 Phonetically Fine-tuned POEMS
31 Scenarios for Topic Discussions
JAZZY Musical Theme Song makes this a dynamic book and music experience for engaging children and inspiring emerging young readers.

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Rockin’-Rollin’ Alphabet – Companion DVD

it’s Rockin’-Rollin’ Musical Energy!

Created in collaboration with her son, Ned J. Rosenblatt, Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, the instrumental arrangements are a mother’s dream come true!! “Having my son’s name on this project is such an honor for me!” The songs, enveloped in the instrumental music, are a spark of musical energy for kids everywhere to inspire learning!

“Swing to the left ~ Swing to the right ~ the Rockin’-Rollin’ Alphabet is OUT OF SIGHT!”

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Combine the song with the book ~ and they will never forget it!”